Corporate wellness and public speaking 
As more and more people are spending longer at work, the demands of the day overtime usually takes it toll on health. Everyone knows more sick days equates to less productivity. For an employer ensuring work life balance is maintained for all staff wellbeing is a real challenge in the modern world. 
One aspect of this is nutrition. In the busy pace of work with more people either too busy to eat lunch or having it hunched over their desks and not really taking a proper break, it is much easier to make poor food choices which then fuels the cycle of feeling unwell, eventually days off work, which has a knock-on effect on productivity. To break this cycle I aim to empower my audience on how they can develop a better relationship with food, how food effects our mood, our confidence, and our mental wellbeing. 
Importantly this is not a guide to weight loss but embracing health at every size. Through practical, actionable advice, healthy living becomes simpler and more attainable.
If you are interested in your staff’s well being I am available for public speaking engagements and workshops. I have experience speaking at a range of events including schools, colleges, charities and community events as well as extensive experience running NHS commissioned public health workshops. 
As well as this I offer public speaking engagements for non-work environments as well and as I tailor all presentations, there is no doubt that we can together deliver an inspiring and motivational event for your audience.
If you would like to know more, please click the button below for further information, or to schedule a talk and tell me more about your event and audience.