Private Consultations

Private consultations are conducted on a one-to-one basis via Zoom with telephone consultations considered where necessary. Consultations combine evidence-based nutrition, Intuitive Eating and personalised support. Whether you are looking to work on your relationship with food, optimise your diet or learn what and how to eat well, booking a consultation will help you achieve this.

What do sessions include?

Prior to your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a detailed health history and lifestyle questionnaire taking into account your general health, family history, dietary habits, digestive function, occupation and any medical conditions you may have. You may also be asked to complete a short food diary. 

All sessions involve a collaborative approach to come up with a plan of action. At least one follow up appointment is recommended to review your progress and ensure your health objectives are being achieved, however you may book as many follow up appointments as necessary. 

Initial Consultation:

  • 1 x 45 minute initial consultation via Zoom
  • Full health history assessment
  • An email containing a breakdown of points discussed in the consultation 
  • A personalised action plan

Follow-up Nutrition Consultations:

  • 35 minute consultation via Zoom
  • Further health and food diary analysis 
  • Post consultation emails containing a breakdown of points discussed in the consultation 
  • Personalised action plans
  • Between session homework, activities and resources
  • Text/Email support between sessions

Click the button below to book a free, no obligation 15 minute discovery call. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and find out if I am right for you before booking a full session.