Family Nutrition
There is no doubt that good nutrition plays an important role in family health. We know that eating well at any age is beneficial but we often forget how crucial developing a good relationship with food from a young age is. With so many mixed messages of do’s and don’ts around food many parents often struggle with the overwhelming amount of information to sift through. It can become a confusing task, especially when food choices are based on food fear and weight focused feeding. 
Whether you are concerned about family meal choices, are dealing with fussy eaters or want to learn what and how to eat well whilst providing balanced meals for the whole family, booking into the Family Nutrition clinic will help you to achieve this.
What do sessions include?
The Family Nutrition package is available in a block of four sessions, with single sessions available following introduction package completion. The programme is currently only open to families within London, United Kingdom.
Prior to your first appointment, you will be asked to complete a family food diary and a detailed health history and lifestyle questionnaire taking into account every member of the families general health, dietary habits, digestive function, occupation and any medical conditions. The information provided allows advance preparation to maximising your time available within sessions.
Introduction package:
  • 2x 60 minutes in person consultations
  • 2x 45 minutes consultations via Skype
  • Full health history assessment
  • Health and food diary analysis
  • Family kitchen review
  • Personalised action plans
  • Between session homework, activities and resources
  • Text/Email support between sessions
  • Post session information pack containing a breakdown of points discussed in the consultation
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